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Explore untapped markets​
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Be part of India's fast-growing industry by becoming a
Mutual Funds Distributor.

Indian Mutual Fund AAUM and Penetration

> 37 lakh crore 

3.36 crore+

Unique MF Investors*

Projected CAGR: 13.5% (Mar '21 - Mar '30)

100 lakh crore

1.09 lakh+

Mutual Fund Distributors#

#Source: AMFI, Datapoints as of 'Dec 21
*Source: AMFI, Unique MF investors as of 31st March 2022

The growth potential is massive. The time is NOW!

What does a Mutual Funds Distributor do?

In today's day and age, Mutual Funds have become one of the most sought-after investment instruments for creating wealth. That is when you come into the picture. Mutual Fund Distributors play an important role in promoting the sale of Mutual Funds. As a Mutual Funds Distributor, you can capitalise on the ongoing mega trend of 'Financialization of Savings' in the country and get a chance to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and their families across socio-economic spectrum.

Educate client about the need to undertake financial planning

Understand clients' financial goals

Evaluate risk appetite

Research and analyse investment options

Support client with trade execution

Regularly connect with client to share updates on the economy

Support clients with portfolio review and rebalancing

Undertake behavioral coaching

Becoming a Mutual Funds Distributor requires almost ZERO investment!
That's right.

Knowledge is the key capital required

You'll need only the most basic infrastructure to start and operate your distribution business

A digital Interface
Work from anywhere, anytime

Cost incurred is for NISM Certification, application of AMFI Registration Number (ARN), Employee Unique Identification Number (EUIN) & basic infrastructure.

Who can become a Mutual Funds Distributor?
Individuals from all walks of life can become a
Mutual Funds Distributor.

Fresh graduates

Individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations (retail shop owners, insurance agents etc.)

Women looking to re-enter workforce


So can you!

To start your Mutual Fund Distribution (MFD) journey, you'll have to

Appear for the 'NISM - Series V-A: Mutual Fund Distribution Exam' and clear it

Obtain ARN & EUIN from AMFI

Approach AMCs for Empanelment

Start your Distribution journey

Get started on your NISM Certification here: www.nism.ac.in/nism-certifications/
Click here to start your ARN Application process: www.amfiindia.com/distributor-corner/become-mutual-fund-distributor

ARN - AMFI Registration Number
EUIN - Employee Unique Identification Number